New Leadership Delivering Results for Nebraska's District Two

Let me start by saying that I’m of sound mind and I haven’t gone off the deep end. 


I have filed and am now running against Don Bacon for Nebraska’s Second Congressional District as a Republican. 

I’m a regular American and I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is that ordinary and good people never get a seat at “their” table. It’s not “their” table, we bought the table and are paying all the bills in the house. This country is broken and divided. The only way to change the broken system is to have ordinary, and good-intentioned people join the fight. It cannot be a few individuals here and there, it has to be a majority to flood the system. 


Why run, you may ask, because I have nothing to lose. I’ve hit an age where I’m too old to get embarrassed or care what people think, but most importantly, I truly care about the future of this country.


I work for an amazing family-owned business that has given me the support to pursue this challenge and I am incredibly grateful. 


America first, always! The United States should be run like we all run our households. I run my household always putting my family’s intentions first and foremost. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect and love other families and individuals, they are just not my family. My priority is my family. Most other countries are to be respected and loved but the United States should always come first, always.


My wife Lori and my kids mean everything to me. I am honored to be running for United States Congress in Nebraska and look forward to being the representation Nebraskan's deserve.  


Thank you and God Bless,

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