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Steve spoke with an extremely intelligent friend whom he truly respects. His take on politics today turns a politician into one of two things or both… a coward and/or hypocrite. Although his verbiage is strong, it is noted. This is not meant to specifically call individual politicians cowards or hypocrites but the system and environment dictate the truth. We need to buck the system and break this cycle. 


Below are some of Steve's core values, beliefs, and what has shaped him into who he is today. This is Steve's honest take on who he is. Steve is wired to resolve complex issues with simple and common-sense solutions. While these are strong issues for Steve, he takes all of today's problems seriously.  Steve wants to be something different for Nebraska because we've strayed too far and for too long, from the individual freedoms the federal government should be deferring to.  

Individual Freedom

Our individual, God-given rights are paramount to freedom and the purpose of the government is to protect these rights. Steve refuses to believe these rights are given to us by the government. Politicians come and go, but our rights will not hinge on any individual man or woman. 


We are a welcoming, compassionate nation. However, we are also a nation of laws. The most compassionate way to welcome those who wish to become a part of our great nation is by following the rule of law. We all know this system is broken, we must fix our immigration systems to fairly,  justly, and safely welcome others to our great country without sacrificing the integrity of our nation and its laws. 

Free Market

True capitalism and the free market work! With almost all other economic systems, the government picks and chooses its winners and losers. If you are not an insider, or your ideas don’t fall in line with the government… you guessed it… you are not a winner. Let the ideas of the entrepreneurs and risk-takers stand alone. The market and the individuals are the ultimate deciding factor if a product or service is worth the price.


Good and effective leaders always surround themselves with people that are smarter than they are… no ego! It is always about the people and the job at hand. Leaders make challenging decisions. If the leader is respected and trusted, even the individuals who disagree know that the decisions are made with integrity, honesty, and are well-intentioned for all.


America first, always! The United States should be run like we all run our households. Steve puts his family’s intentions first and foremost. It doesn’t mean he doesn't respect and love other families and individuals, they are just not his family.


Your priority is your family.


Most other countries are to be respected and loved but the United States should always come first, always.

Freedom of Religion

Steve believes in God and fully supports your freedom of religion. All peaceful beliefs and ideologies should be valued and respected. 

Campaign Finance Reform

This is a complex issue that can be twofold:

1) Term limits (this would be enormous). This is constantly talked about during elections but is never followed through with. Imagine the support, from the people, the political party would get if they were able to pass term limits.

2) Elect good and honest people to office. Easier said than done. When money and power are involved it makes it extremely difficult. 

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the Press is one of the most important amendments. Reporting news and information is being censored as we speak. Our government has to be held accountable and the press is the vital watchdog needed. Sadly, most media conglomerates and press outlets have chosen a side and are no longer our watchdog. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Balance a budget and simplify the tax codes. The government and big corporations have an advantage because they know how to navigate the loopholes. We have a 30 trillion dollar deficit and counting. We are not paying our bills. We are stealing from the future of our children and it’s disgusting. Every politician should be ashamed of themselves just on this issue alone. Tax dollars are wasted by the politicians with no accountability and this money belongs to the people. Our security as a nation depends on our financial stability.


Steve is pro-life. 

Death Penalty

Capital punishment doesn't work and it's not our job, it's God's. Individuals are in charge of convicting and carrying out executions, but people make mistakes. One innocent life put to death by intentional execution is too many. There is documentation/proof that innocent individuals have been executed. I believe in the judge and the jury, just not the executioner… that’s God's role.

Human Dignity

In anything we do (owning a business, sports, workforce, social gatherings, etc) it all starts with how we treat people. Value mutual respect and kindness always. All people must be respected at the most basic level, it's the right thing to do. Listen to others' beliefs and personal experiences. From this, it is vital that all people feel that they have representation and feel safe within their community.


Here is an example of a simple and common-sense response to a very complex issue. When Steve chooses to discuss his economic beliefs… does he go into the differences between Keynesian and the Modern Monetary Theory? Where does he stand? Steve could do this but it’s not him nor do you care to hear that take. Instead, there are truly only two things you need to know about economics: 

1) If you print too much money you are guaranteed to have inflation!

2) Add and subtract, that is all you need to know to balance a budget. Simple, but true. 

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment should never be changed.  


Law enforcement does an outstanding job protecting and serving the community. We are not willing or expected to wait on their response time if they are needed for an emergency. If you are able to protect your family from any enemy you have the right and protections to do so.  

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the bedrock of all the other rights. No censorship, no "misinformation", or silencing of voices of any sort. "Misinformation" and censorship mean nothing more than blind loyalty to whoever is doing the censoring.

Freedom is the bedrock of the American Dream. Community standards, fact-checkers, and 'misinformation' are loopholes.


Loopholes circumventing freedom.

Limited Government

Individual liberties are greater than government. We are not anti-government.  We want limited government.  The government has its roles. The government has never and never will in the future create wealth, employment, or opportunity. This is all done by the private sector. Everything the government provides is funded by us the taxpayers. If the government gets too big the scale shifts and the system doesn’t work. It becomes buried in debt and regulations. It's time to CUT SPENDING and GIVE CONTROL OF THE DOLLAR BACK TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. 

Rule of Law

Without laws there is chaos. Follow the laws or change the laws. We are a nation built on the rule of law.

Armed Forces & Law Enforcement

I support all the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, both active and retired.  I want to say thank you for everything you have done for your great country.  I also stand with and support the men and women who work tirelessly and sometimes thanklessly to keep us safe domestically.  From Border Patrol to local small-town police officers, you are the backbone of peace in the United States, and am honored to stand in support of all you do.  

I am beholden to no individual and/or company. These are my thoughts and core values. If you are someone who believes in a few, many, or all of the values I mentioned above, I’d greatly appreciate your vote for congress.

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